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About Coconut Creek Therapy
At Coconut Creek Therapy, we are dedicated to helping each person who walks into our clinic based on their individual needs. We focus on your body as a whole, realizing there are many factors that may be causing your issue, it may not be exactly where you think. We have had great success treating patient's in this manner and look forward to sharing our passion for a healthier way of life with you!
About Todd James
Internationally Known Physical Therapist. Owner of Coconut Creek Therapy.
Todd is a 2001 graduate from NOVA Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He uses a variety of manual therapy techniques to improve and restore his patients level of function through one on one personalized treatment plans.
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Coconut Creek Therapy
I had a bad case of plantar fascitis.  (that's not how you spell it and I don't care.)  They made the pain go away for a VERY reasonable price.  And many months later my shoulder was hurting me and again they worked their magic and fixed me.  Go here if you need help.  They are awesome.
– Michael W.
This place helped me.
The staff is amazing.
Don't waste time looking around.
You'll walk out feeling fabulous!
Love this place, love the staff.
– Larry R.
Over two months ago I had a problem  with my left leg. I lost all the strength in my muscles and the leg did not hold me at all. My family doctor gave me different places to go for physical therapy.  I chose Coconut Creek Physical Therapy on Lyons Rd.
I can not recommend enough this therapy center. It is the best thing that happened to me.
I can not believe how fast I have recovered. All the people that work at Coconut Creek Physical Therapy Center are excellent therapists, very professional, very caring and gentle. I felt that I had special treatment, but over time I realized that every patient is special.
– Maria S.
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